Saturday, August 25th – Starring, Guardian Alien, Major Stars, and Guerilla Toss at PA’s Lounge

If your looking for a good time this weekend, check out the Brooklyn, New York based act Starring at PA’s Lounge in Somerville, Massachusetts. Starring is a really awesome “big beat, disco house, psychobilly” act from Brooklyn. Listen to their songs and check out “The Wife of God” on their MySpace page, that’s some awesome stuff! I love how it starts off -intense. This is definitely a band to check out. “Body Double” starts off as a fine instrumental progressive rocking song , and then takes it to the next level with some sweet lyrics in at four minutes into the song.

After downloading a free sample of their newest album, ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QRSTUV-WXYZ,which was released June 12, 2012, on Northern Spy records; I have to say I am amazed. This album is a refreshing breath of crisp air; from the smog of many other band’s futile, monotonous attempts at music. This is a really fantastic album! Check out it’s trippy surreal feel, that you just cannot fake! I love it!  Some music has just got it, and this band has it! The album starts off with the song titled “best”, and it as a frantic, harmonious, almost fugue-like composition, with apply timed tempo changes and sporadic angelic vocals. Track number two, “ie”, is just a great song. The breakdown chops in it at 2:18 just rock and scream psychedelia. I hope to hear more from this group in the future.

The third track on this album is called “———-oooooooooooooo”. It is a mesmerizing waltz with a superb organ intro, rich with drum shakers and guitar twang effects. After a sweet bridge around 3:30, the song then comes back in with such colorful tones. Those have got to be some vintage instruments their using on this album, it’s just got that awesome, full, thick, aged sound. The fourth track is titled “aphonia”. Of course I had to look up the word, and according to Wikipedia, “Aphonia is the inability to speak…Aphonia means ‘no sound’. In other words, a person with this disorder has lost his/her voice.”  “Aphonia”, the song, is a faster paced romp into a disco/psychobilly meld. When the vocals come in, they just scream excellence, and the breaking of barriers -i.e. the inability to speak. There’s also a great solo/free-form section around 2:55. Check it out!

Track five is called, “…7…”, because sometimes you don’t call track five five; you call it seven! If you’re looking for some awesome music with viola, check this song out. Whenever I think viola, I think the Velvet Underground -one of my most favorite bands. Certainly this band, would give them a run for their money. The viola has just this sweet, scratchy ominous sound. It always has had that haunting effect for me. This song just all out rocks at 3:12 when the whole band comes in! This is definitely an intense album, one I will be listening to over and over. The final song on the album is called “wo”, and it is a dream like sonic landscape. I hope you get a chance to check out Starring and their new album.

Like I said, if your looking for a show this weekend in Somerville, look no further than Starring. PA’s Lounge is located at 345 Somerville Avenue in Somerville, MA 02143. Their phone number is 617 776 1557. Also performing on the bill will be Guardian Alien, Major Stars and Guerilla Toss. Click here for a Google Map of the location. Their new album can be purchased at the following link: Also check out Starring on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy!