Mean Creek – New Album Out


“Alternative rock” is such an overused term, but Mean Creek have that ever-so-slight country tinge that gives them more of a classic sound, similar to Counting Crows (whom Mean Creek recently toured with), or if you’re even more old-school, Fleetwood Mac.


The Boston band recently released an album called Youth Companion, their third full-length release, and the songs are more organic and full of life than ever, even after a three-year hiatus from recording.  This may be because Mean Creek has been concentrating on touring and gigging around the Northeast, writing songs along the way that have been influenced by the very energetic atmosphere of the live show circuit.


That’s not to say that the tracks on Youth Companion are just upbeat alt-rock devoid of meaning.  On the contrary, there’s a lot of emotion here, particularly nostalgia, and the songs take you on a journey from childhood to adulthood via the most bittersweet route.


Mean Creek have come a long way since their days as a folk duo, nearly a decade ago.  What started out more timid and laid-back soon developed into something more assertive and confident, especially after the addition of a bassist and drummer in 2006.  Since then, the band has gone from strength to strength, playing on stage with some of the biggest names in alternative rock, and following good albums up with even better ones.


If you want to check out a Mean Creek show, and you definitely should, you can find their gig schedule on their web site, where you can also follow them on social media, or listen to some of their songs on YouTube.  They’ve just uploaded some tracks from the new album, so you can give them a try to see why they have so many fans, both regionally and nationwide.